Soft Tissue Lasers

Experience Superior Comfort and Healing with Soft Tissue Lasers

At Wesley Chapel Dentistry, we focus on patient comfort, satisfaction, oral health, and overall well-being in all that we do. When it comes to technology, we believe that the tools and equipment we use should be oriented around your comfort as well. That is why Dr. Kalarickal trusts the proven power and effectiveness of soft tissue laser treatment.

Soft tissue lasers have rapidly become the preferred method of performing a variety of cosmetic and periodontal procedures. This is primarily due to the fact that soft tissue surgeries that are completed with a laser do not require cutting with a scalpel or using sutures. Patients love that procedures performed with a soft tissue laser are so much more comfortable and that their healing time is drastically reduced.

Soft tissue laser treatment is extremely beneficial in a variety of applications, including periodontal disease therapy and cosmetic gum contouring. Finally, patients can receive the vital treatment they need without cutting or sutures, enhancing their comfort both during the procedure and during the shortened recovery period. Enjoy the benefits of soft tissue laser treatment at Wesley Chapel Dentistry and experience the amazing difference for yourself.

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